We have quite a few subscribers that quit when they hit the front so they might want to make $20 a day, $50 a day $100 a day and so on. Personally I am happy with $500 a day but that’s me. I don’t get any enjoyment out of betting small money  unless its a multi paying $1,000 or more. Point is, today those targets big and small have all been met and its only two o’clock. I would have quit after the race one winner @ $3.00 and even if I didn’t there were two winners in the first three races won.

Further to that our Gold Club subscribers got three winners in a row.

And Graham has just sent me a testimonial regarding HR2D. You can view it later today. ALSO  my son Mat is on the Channel 7 morning show tomorrow betweeb 6 and 7 am in Tasmania. They will be showing his timber work during their weather report. Yestrday they had 2 meters of snow in the street so that will be interesting. They are in Waratah in Tasmania which is near Cradle Mountain.

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