Two SMS specials yesterday for a loser @ $1.65…what the hell happened to it? and a winner @ $3 + so a clear 50% plus profit on the day but then there were the Extras, these are the nonspecials out of John Furgals selection group which have a lower strike rate but higher average dividend and yesterday there were three of those for two winners @ $1.70 (better was available) and near $10! So over 8 units profit or $800 for $100 bets , $80 if even just $10 bets. If you are a small punter then the SMS may be too expensive at $199 a month but with many subscribers having $500 and more on each selection we couldn’t really afford to sell the service cheaper and have 100’s of subscribers as that would only cut us out of the bigger dividends. PLayers with less cash could start with a smaller bank on something like the Professional Staking Plan, which, the way things are going, would have doubled or even trebled our Bank so far this year. I might run a test using the selections to date this year, just to see for myself. It reminds me of a plan we had about 16 years ago where my PSP Bank reduced several times until mid March then, in a few short weeks, doubled, then doubled again and again to the point where the $5,000 starting Bank had reached over $30,000 by May.

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