As we do for all major holidays we post the ratings on Saturday as well as today. This is part of our basic Saturday only subscriptions. We hope to change our structure going forward so that subscribers can basically buy what they want, so for example, you are not a subscriber but decide to have a punt with your mates today. Firstly you would have prepaid a sum of money into an account. Today you choose say Randwick and Flemington so you click on those options and both meetings appear on your phone and or tablet or PC in numerical order and $11 per meeting is deducted from your account. For all meetings, the maximum charge is $44 per meeting as it is now. If you chose say HR2D instead it might be just $5.50 for the day. If your account runs down you simply top it up or set up an auto top up. The same method could be organised for single selection services. For example, you log in and see that there are selections today. You simply click the link and provided you are subscribed, the selection appears on your app or screen. For casual users , a deduction of a set amount takes place for , depending on the service, $5.50 per selection (if just one) or $11 for the lot whether that be 2 ,3 or more selections. Anyhow, we would welcome feedback via a comment on this page or email if you prefer to .

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