Some interesting strike rates

Just reran our HR2D rankings for September and we are maintaining a race strike rate in excess of 44% for the Top Two 27% top ranked and 18% second ranked but @ $4.07 that is down on normal, probably because the increased number of Good tracks.

38% was the strike rate of HR2D top ranked runners when also the race favourite @ $2.65 so basically square. The Money Factory staking plan is a no brainer with a maximum losing run of just 9. 67% of the selections were placed.

See for a subscription to Money Factory which costs just $25 per month.

Good track conditions all round today

Some good priced Powerplay winners yesterday. Good track conditions all round today and three meetings to play with. All uploaded by 8.20 a.m. with no Qd or WA meetings.

Our Punters Pool keeps moving ahead but it’s steady as she goes.

Boy the month is going fast

Boy the month is going fast. Great racing at Caulfield yesterday even though we got the worst of it. We did get three good winners but nothing at decent odds. We aso got our money back on some selections like Harlem River and The Bowler and these money back options are always worth havijng. Of course I also backed a winner so no money back there!.

Subscribers to WinformGold Club got our new selections yesterday and two winners but not enough to clear out outlay. Hi World has proved to be a shot duck and Peeping can’t run the mile. Amralah was brilliant winning the Herbert Power and so was Big Memory last year but I liked the way Amralah was able to make a mid race move using lots of eneregy and then powered away again at the turn. It wasn’t the best field but next week is up another level.

Press Statement was able to dictate terms and win in very slow time (relative to the day). That makes future asessments subjective and not backed up by race speed. Best tactics and probably best horsein the race but against all ages??

Our Punters Club did okay for the week but dropped some of our profit on the Quaddieand on reflection , it wasn’t a good idea but I was swung by the big jackpot pool.

Cranbourne Cup Day today and maybe at last Taiyoo gets his chance to win one. He is 22 days out and so our progrma automatically applied a penalty but it is ridiculous to apply itwhen obviously his trainer has him set for the race. So we reversed it and he rightly takes his place at the head of the ratings.

Saturday 10th October

The return for the Punters Pool using Money Factory has now topped $5,000 after two weeks of operation but only 6 actual days of punting. Take off the $1,000 welost on the Quaddie and it’s still a great result. We are using a $10,000 Money Factory Bank at this stage with plenty of back up. We suggest if you bet on this scale, you use three banks so two in reserve. We are already half way to having a fourth Bank in reserve.

We are not doing anything an ordinary punter could not do for themselves with just the Winform ratings and having enough betting accounts to be able to get a competitive price. We have used Betfair but find we basically lose there. Why??? The only time we use them is when the Betfair prices is much better than the bookmakers or tote pricesso. I guess what is really happening is that the better prices are for a reason.

We probably shouldn’t but we are, looking ahead at today with great optimism. That leaves us open to failure and feeling bad about it so we should instead expect another hard slog but adequateky rewarded over time but it is hard not to be excited at this time of the year. Not because of the champion horses that evolve but because of the fact that a few horses which we have spotted outperform the market.

50% winning races yesterday

50% winning races yesterday @ $2.09 so profitable but not as profitable as if we did Powerplay. There we would have had only a few winners but with a $13 winner (yes our limit is $11 fixed but it paid $13.30 best tote) the profit would have been substantial.

Richard said the other day, he didn’t like busting banks, well what he said, that he had busted a couple of banks, was not quite right. For Powerplay we split our Bank into ten and then bet until that 10% of the Bank is exhausted before starting again at our base bet. If we do “lose” two banks ina row it is just 20% of our Bank.

Now yesterday using Money Factory we had a run of just two small wins in 11 races and so Money Factpry was down $3,000 + on a $10,000 Bank. That winner collected oer $2,000 for us and then after a run of four wining races in a row we cleared the rest and as we do in Money Factory,”went green” which is our ultimate goal.

We went green again before quitting in time for a nice dinner.

Yesterday was a winning day for all strategies

I ran into Amelia Burton yesterday (now a mother of two and no time for punting), who has just been appointed senior accounts manager at the accountants she went to after leaving us. Figures were always her strong point and that came out in her book Punting In The New Millenium, which by the way, was a sellout, and the figures in that book are still valid today. An E-book version is available at the online store.

Yesterday was a winning day for all strategies. The Punters Pool closed two Money Factory series for a small profit. This happens (a small profit) when we get a string of shorter priced results.

Plenty of Action

Updates and Best Bets and Daily Feature will be online after 11 a.m. with Qld and WA scratchings. The ratings for everywhere else will be on line by 8.30. Can’t help it with Daylight saving misery. A lot cooler everywhere today. We lost Kilmore yesterday so only one meeting at Nowra. A boring day all round.

Today should be better with plenty of action from a late start of 1.18 through to the last at Launceston at 10.30.

Tuesday Update

Average performance from our ratings yesterday but HR2D had an absolutely blinder landing 15 from 23 when the favourite was in the Top Two.  Nothing much happening today with only two meetings at Nowra and Kilmore. Our usual strategies will apply and for those still learning the gaps between races will help you work them out.

Monday Update

What a great winning weekend for our Winform Gold Club subscribers. Probabaly the biggest winning weekend this year with winners FRiday nigth Saturday AND Sunday.

Our ratings and Winform Daily Mail subscribers did very well alsoand we missed the Flemington Quaddie but we had three legs in including the $51 winner.

Todays ratings are also available to Saturday only ratings subscribers under the Saturday file.

Sunday 4th October

It’s 9 a.m. and I will shortly get Queensland scratchings.