Jim Haynes is well known as a professional entertainer and lives a stones throw from Randwikc, hence the interest in Racing. Ih his new one million page, well actually 600 page book, The Big Boook Of Australian Racing Stories, Haynes has brought together an amazing portfolio of Racing yarns, the true, the poetic, the rumours ,and the not so true.  From one page and a bit stories like The Only Undefeated Melbourne Cup Winner to an extensive chapter on Bernborough, from the poems of old time champions to the personalities of all Racing eras, everything gets at least a mention. Some of these stories are doing the rounds for the umpteenth time but to bring them altogther in one volume is a feat in itself. I can’t think of anyone who couldn’t get a kick out of this. The BIg Book Of Australian Racing Stories by Jim Haynes is released today recommended $32.99 and sure to be at your usual outlets.

daily feature race a nice Quinella pick up

Qurindi race 6 was our Daily Feature Race yesterday and due to the scratching of Sybil Action at the barrier  we were only on the one runner which Qamar which ran 2nd. However the Quinella resultedfor us at $18.60 and our $10 cots reduced to just $6 so a nice pick up. You know, we get 40% quinellas from our top five and we have tried boxing them, proportional according to their rated prices and according to their prices in the market but it always comes back to boxing as the best option. We don’t know why but statisticians merely observe and then recomend a course of action based on their observations so there it is. We only had 2 of the Quinellas at Qurindi, the other was $13.20.


The winners seemed to come in bunches yesterday and then, as happens, a bit of a drought before a few more. We noiced Thomas Huet is riding at Quirindi today and they seem to have missed most of the rain so three meetings today make the day worthwhile. We have a rare Monday meeting in Hobart included.


Yes a weird title and somewhat confusing because we bet in three races and got two winners in our Gold Club suite of bets. The problem was there were 5 bets atogether including the Sandown Guineas. As it happened our selections ran 1,2 and 3. We got $5.50 about the winner so won on the race. Yesterday was challenging as track conditions changed several times during the day AND at several tracks so I was kept on the hop all day. The rain is still causing problems today but it is just a blip on the landscape. Our Gold Club horse runs today as favourite in Canberra so love to see her win again….Heres hoping. Our Winform Daily Mail had eight races after we eliminated the Doomben races following the downgrade. We ended up with 8 races and 5 winners although our specials only had one win but there were four Quinellas three Trifectas and a First Four not that any were big enough but it shows we are well and truly still in the game.


Hate it with a passion. Here it is 9.20 and I have only just got the scratchings for Queensland. So ratings up by 9.30 Daily Feature 15 minutes later and Daily Mail by 10.15 if we are lucky. More later

Everything is updated now. Good luck for update 12.15 due to rain in brisbane and gold coast. note selection change at doomben in daily mail



We had a good meeting in Sydney with our form suppliers and I was able to get back in time to pick Ros up from the hospital. The procedure itself didn’t go well but at least the exploratory nature showed a 67% postive result. I did get home in time to have a few investments while Ros rested and inbetween the housework which is now my responsibility for the next week. That was a positive result with a net $600+ from a limited number of races. It would hav ebeen better if I hadn’t fallen for the “favourite” trap. The figures said “okay” but I had this nagging doubt. The odds on Fav ($1.85) raced upside down even with Pike aboard and the other qualifier in the dutchbet never left the rear of th field.That cost me $300 but it is just part of the series and will be recouped. Had I not had kitchen duties I could have continued with the remaining two eligible daylight races for a $10 winner to come home with and a nice addition to the profit, however $600 nett for an hours work is fair enough I say.

even a bad day can be good

Only 11 winning races amongst the 39 eligible races yesterday up to the end of the main Races . Well for the combined strategy that is. So how can that be good? We are using Money Factory or Powerplay for our staking and with both programs our last investment resulted in an $11 winner. It is what we are seeking , a long shot result to enhance our day. I was at the hospital all day with Ros as things generally went wrong with the doctor starting late and previous patients going through dramas. At the end of the day Ros started her day at 4 a.m. and didn’t get into theatre until after 1 p.m. That’s a long time without food or water but in the end it was nearly 4 p.m. by the time she came out of recovery and so nearly 6 pm by the time I had a chanced to look at anything. We assume that it all went okay but I feel sorry for the patients that were still in the queue. If successful, Ros will have had a problem solved that her three previous long term GPs were unable to find. I read a concocted story on another website that basically fitted the publics idea of a Professional Punter. Well my experience above is more in tune with the real professional punter. We fit our professional punting into our general lives, there is no glamour about it even though we can get excited with some of the great results we have had over the Spring. And I am writing this at 3.17 a.m. because I have  a meeting in Sydney around 6.30 a.m. to discuss programming to get a better result for our clients, many of whom are also professionals and some have to deal with fitting their weekend punting around their childrens sport , their own medical and social priorities as well. Professional Punting is not what the “dreamers believe it is.” But I can tell you the one thing that makes it alright and that’s the reward when you get it right. P.S. After my meeting I have to bolt back to the hospital to pick up the love of my life and return her safely home to recuperate. Then it is into form analysis for Saturday.

Busy Day today

Yesterday started with a flurry of winners before they dropped off later in the day. Many of our Members quit when in front for the day. Yesterday was one of those days when it paid off. I am taking Ros to hospital for a day surgery today. But it is likely she will need to stay overnight. So for most of today I’ll be running my business from  the waiting room or the in house coffee shop. Once upon a time you simply couldn’t do that. Obviously we wont be sending out book orders today but as 90% of our business is electronic, that’s not a major problem.  I have the office phone diverted to my mobile so that’s not a problem either.  Plenty of action today with four day meetinsg and two night if you count Ascot in Perth as a night meeting. My normal thing would be to cease working the races some time after 5 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

Get Paid To Punt

We have a limited number of opportunities for people, mostly retired, to get paid to punt. It’s not a permament income or anyhting like that but for someone who has internet access and a littl bit of time they can make a couple of hundre dollars for a little work. Enquiries to with phone contact details of any interent accounts yopu may have ()excluding the TAB). Only two meetings today , a rare good track at Mornington and an average track at Moruya where we do seem top get some odd results.

Easy day today

Coffs Harbour is heavy today so I dont expect any action there but Kilmore looks reasonable at Good 4 as does Dubbo, a Slow 5 now but possibly upgraded.  These are excellent meetings for  subscribers new to the Combined strategy and C Plan and the like to use while they learn. You wont get races overlapping and you wont be rushed. The former CEO of Racing Victoria often talked with me and he was in favour of Mondays being race free so everyone could have a break. Queensland rarely races Monday and the same for all the other States except NSW and Victoria. Tomorrow is another day with only two meetings. In the end it was the ever growing quest  for turnover that meant the request was turned down. On the other hand we have many subscribers who only operate Monday to Friday and make $100 or so per day. Nothing wrong with that.